Security Console

Certificate of Destruction
A Certificate of Destruction is provided for all destruction services. This provides you with a record of destruction and documentation to meet legal, corporate or organizational regulations.

Secure Document Storage
Document storage is a costly part of doing business in many industries. For many businesses data must be stored for many years, which can tie up expensive office or storage space. DocuBit offers secure storage including document pickup, retrieval and delivery of a container as needed, and even a pre-scheduled destruction date when the documents are no longer relevant.

On-Site Destruction
Regularly scheduled on-site destruction can be an efficient method for  businesses to comply with legal, corporate, or organizational regulations.  Lockable Security Consoles or large Security Carts are provided at no charge to keep documents secure until DocuBit’s Mobile Destruction Vehicle arrives and the containers are emptied and documents are destroyed.

Off-Site Destruction
DocuBit-provided Security Carts keep your documents safe at your location until your regularly scheduled service. Locked Security Carts are removed from your location and replaced with empty Carts. The locked Carts are then transported to our secure warehouse where the contents are destroyed and made ready for baling and recycling.

Document Purge
Provided on an as-needed basis, scheduled during business or non-business hours, on-site or off-site, this allows for a large amount of documents to be destroyed quickly and efficiently.

Docubit Kentucky Paper Shredding

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Lockable Security Cart

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